Welcome to visit Shenzhen Delong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. official website, the company mainly engaged in lithium battery pack, consumer electronics batteries, power bank, battery capacity, etc.

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    Shenzhen DeLong Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a professional new energy supplier in China focusing on the manufacture, research and sale of lithium ion battery product worldwide ,it was established in 2006 and becoming the leading player in the new energy application area through several years development.our product are widely applied on such areas based on the different application purpose :common digital devices battery , high discharge rate battery ,powerful electric vehicles battery ,low &High temperature lithium ion battery ,power storage and back-up battery pack etc. We developed some high quality lithium ion battery products with our company technology characteristics through previous long term research and experience accumulation, DeLong battery won a good reputation and has become a popular brand in the international market attributing to the long cycle life, high energy density, stable work performance under different temperature environment and good safety performance. Our production capability goes up per day by upgrading our current production facility in according to ours conditions.

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